• Bridge House H(a)erz


    An Integration Space, a space in-between spaces for Possibilitators

    • to have a possible stop on the way to their next project
    • coming from or going to the next ETB or LAB
    • to get centered & grounded in the middle between Possibility Spaces from Poland to Steinhagen (West Germany) & from Portugal to Poland
    • to have a place for the first Check in or Last check out before or after a transformational space
    • to have a possible space for integrating the new matrix & practice e.g. after Labs
    • to enter a next space for creating intimacy in the Context of Possibility Management
    • to be in a space serving the bright principles of love, clarity, connection, healing, being with, adventure, high level fun, discovery


    Rules of Engagement


    What is a Bridge House

    A Bridge-House is a rapid-learning culture-shift environment open to anyone who is fully participating in Possibilitator Training.


    The clarity that Bridge-House participants are Possibilitators on an authentic evolutionary Path insures that each Bridge House is contexted in:

    Each Bridge-House serves the world as an actual 'bridge' that leads from the Thoughtware edges of the modern capitalist patriarchal empire, over the gap of the unknown, into regenerative and transformational life in next culture - archiarchy - the culture that is naturally emerging since matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course.

    Every aspect of modern life as we have come to know it is unregenerative.


    The known world is in a state of radical flux. It is groundless, and baseless, because modern culture is exterminating life on Earth at the fastest possible rate.


    All known procedures are in question... commerce, education, health, government, military, religion, food production, lifestyle, transportation, clothing... but what are the answers? They too are unknown. This means that each Bridge-House is, by necessity, a research center, sharing the findings from their experiments with other Bridge-Houses around the world.


    Specialities of the Bridge House H(a)erz

    Every Bridge-House is unique due to its geographical location, projects specialties, and spaceholders.


    Bridge-House H(a)erz is characterized by:

    • Located in a small city close to the Harz Mountains (the biggest Mountain "Brocken") & Forests with four seasons (middle of Germany), yet mild winters and summers.
    • The Harz Mountains known as the Heart of Germany is known as a spa area where mud baths, hikes on the "devils wall" and "dancing with the witches" is a natural thing
    • A fruit and vegetable gardens with room for expansion.
    • A spaceholder happy to offer holdings, integrating bodywork, food preservation skills, including herbal medicine & connection to "the grandmother initiations" for calming the nervous system
    • Nearby Lakes and Hiking Trails.
    • Nearby centers for mud baths and sole baths.

    Bridge House H(a)erz Codex

    A Codex documents the Context and Rules of Engagement (how to play the game) of each Bridge-House gameworld. The Codex explains the Purpose, how things go, how you enter the gameworld, and how you leave it. Never a finished document, and never at the center of the gameworld, nonetheless the Codex is a crucial reference document that is available to the general public.


    • For now Bridge House H(a)erz is a 3 Cell Integration Space until the Codex says otherwise - meaning there are space for two people at the same time exluding me
    • The context of the space is radical responsibility
    • It is a discovery space including the landscape and offers of the Harz Mountains
    • During your stay you take over a job either to serve the space, the land, the accommodation of food or to take care of the time during meetings
    • The House is a shared place which is a two apartment house & it is also a place for shared spaceholding meaning not a remothering space for your child ego state to be taken care of creating messes
    • The Integration Space is on the 1st floor including the use of the garden
    • The duration of your stay can vary from 3 to 7 days
    • Your value exchange will be 70 € for food & accomodation for 3 days + you can offer your gifts in form of non-material value (for 7 days it will be 210 € + non-material value)
    • There will be a structure for the day where we meet for check ins, cook or clean but also there is time for you to just be alone if needed
    • There is a declared space & time for EHPs
    • After 3-7 days new people can join & enter the space & the 3 cell will dissolve.





    My name is Christine & I am a Gameworld Builder and Transformation Agent for Next Culture.


    I live in the Harz Mountains with my ancestors having set foot on this land some 1000 years ago.


    My specialties are creating space for people to be with what is & become grounded in their next shape by holding space through conscious touch and experiential reality proposals.


    My path in Possibility Management began in 2016 with my first ETB in the South of Germany.


    My Commitment to Transformation led me through various Martial Arts, Dance & Somatic Experience Training since I can walk, and additional I was thriving through 9 Labs including 4 Feelings Practitioner Labs.


    I serve Clarity, Love, Transformation & Possibility.


    I am the main spaceholder for the Bridge House & the co-spaceholder for the 3 Cell meaning we hold space together for the integration space to happen.



    Let's Collaborate.

    Blankenburg (Harz)
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  • NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline thoughtware-upgrade matrix-building personal-transformation real-life adventure-game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can relocate your point of origin and create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness and leave behind a low drama life of reactivity. No one can upgrade your thoughtware for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from upgrading your thoughtware. Our theory is that when we collectively build 1,000,000 new Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code BRIDGEHO.00 to log your Matrix Point for reading this website on StartOver.xyz. Thank you for playing full out!